Xamarin Forms Email Validator

Yep, you need to validate an email address on your form. Here’s the easy way to do it.

First, add the NuGet Package “FormsToolKit” from James Montemagno.

Now add a reference to it in the header of your page:

2017-09-07 14_32_46-CoApp - Microsoft Visual Studio  (Administrator).png

Now, tell your Entry that it should use the EmailValidatorBehavour from the FormsToolKit

2017-09-07 14_33_53-CoApp - Microsoft Visual Studio  (Administrator).png

Now, add a label and tell it’s IsVisible to be triggered when the EmailValidator fires:

2017-09-07 14_34_53-CoApp - Microsoft Visual Studio  (Administrator).png

Now the Label will appear when the EmailValidator’s IsValid field is False

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