Xamarin Forms Binding Basics

Kind 1: Bind the CatName from the page’s Model set to the BindingContext:
<Label Text=”{Binding CatName}></Label>

Kind 2: Bind the CatName from a bindable property on the page control:

Add a Bindable CatName property to the page or control in the code behind:

public static BindableProperty CatNameProperty =
	BindableProperty.Create (
		nameof( CatName),
		typeof ( string ),
		typeof ( Badge ),
		defaultValue: "",
		defaultBindingMode: BindingMode.OneWay

public string CatName{
	get { return ( string ) GetValue( CatNameProperty ); }
	set { SetValue ( CatNameProperty, value ); }

Then reference the CatName property on the control. Notice that the x:Name of the control is ‘CatLoveControl’:

<ContentView xmlns="http://xamarin.com/schemas/2014/forms"
         <Label Text="{Binding Source={x:Reference CatLoveControl}, Path=CatName}"/>


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