ASP.NET Core 2: Adding Typescript Typings the Easy way

Typings are meta data for javascript objects to help ensure your TypeScript is correctly written. Here’s the easy way to add them to your ASP.NET Core 2 project.

Step 1: Add this Visual Studio 2017 Plugin


Step 2: Open or create a ASP.NET Core 2 project. Right Click the project and choose “Quick Install


Step 3: Add the Typing Engine from npm. It might take a few minutes. npm will add Typings suppport….

Typings engine

Step 4: Change the kind to Typing then select jQuery (or any other one there)

typing jquery

A new Typing folder is added.

typing folder

Step 5: Drag and drop the index.d.ts file in the root of the Typings folder to the top of your .ts files.

drag typings

That’s it! You now have Typings support in your TypeScript files.


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