ASP.NET Core 2: Using SSMS with Entity Framework Core Identity’s LocalDB

When you create a new ASP.NET Core 2 application and use the Authentication Mode “Individual User Accounts” (see below) a LocalDB database is created automatically.

core with identity'

These files are in c:\users\<you>\aspnet-Identity-<random>.mdf . They are intended for local development.

In Visual Studio 2017 you can access them via the SQL Server Object Explorer.

SQl Server Object


I like to use SSMS much better. Here’s how you can open these .MDF files in SSMS.

Step 1: Run SqlLocalDB.exe info from the Binn folder to get a list of instances


Step 2: Get the Named Pipe info by running SqlLocalDB.exe info MSSQLLocalDB


Step 3: Open the Named Pipe in SSMS. That’s in!



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