C#: Using Task.FromResult() to wrap a value when there is no Task

c.pngTask.FromResult() creates a finished Task that holds a value in its Result property. It allows you to create a pre-computed task.

What good is that? Imagine you have been told that you need to create a class that implements this simple Interface:

public interface IEquity
    Task<string> GetEquityTask(string id);

Most of the time your implementation will get the Equity from a fast cache but the return value of the Interface is a Task and your cache doesn’t return Tasks, it returns an Equity.  You can wrap the Equity in a Task with Task.FromResult:

public class Equity : IEquity
    public Task<string> GetEquityTask(string id)
        //Get the Equity from cache
        var equityFromCache = GetEquityFromCache(id);
        //If the Equity is found return it wrapped in a Task 
        //to fulfull the interface
        if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(equityFromCache))
            //Wrap the Equity in a Task
            return Task.FromResult<string>(equityFromCache);
        //No cache hit? Ok, then go get a Task which will get the Equity
        //from a slow backend.
        return Task.Run<string>(async () =>
            var equity= await GetEquityFromDatabaseAsync(id);
            return equity;



To use this now, we can simple wrap a bunch of Tasks into a Task.WhenAll()

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        var ids = new[] {"A1""A2""A3"};
        var tasks = from id in ids
            select new Equity().GetEquityTask(id);
            foreach (var equity in equities.Result)



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