Live Reload from Visual Studio 2017 for Windows in WMWare Fusion on a Mac – Xamarin

main-qimg-2f9592a9947bee2a14921ac6cadfe091If you’re one of those people with a Mac but LOVE Visual Studio for Windows, here’s how you can set up Live Reload to work.

As you may know the Android Emulator can’t run in VMWare fusion, so you need to connect to it. Here’s how.

First install the Visual Studio for Windows Live Reload Extention and the Nuget package into your app as per instructions on the Live Reload site.

Here are the tweeks needed after that.

In your App.xaml.cs add this line at the top, DO NOT add any MQTT settings:

public partial class App : Application
   public App()

Open Tools – Options then add the Hostname and unselect the checkbox as in the picture below.

Rebuild and redeploy the app to Android and iOS.

Now you can edit XAML and see changes live in both at the same time (mind blowen)


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