Using Azure’s AI for Search with AngularJS and ASP.Net MVC

Azure’s AI tools are easy to use and can extend the functionality of your app or web site with a few steps. I’m going to show you how to set up Azure Search in this tutorial.

In Part one we will add the accounts and tools needed to search

In Part two we will build the web site to leverage Azure’s Search AI

First, login to Azure at and add a new Storage Account:

2019-03-11 12_38_24-Home - Microsoft Azure.png

Once you’ve filled in the simple form, click Blobs to add a new Blob which will store your documents:

2019-03-11 12_39_50-bahaisearchstorage - Microsoft Azure.png

Now that you’ve got a blob you can add documents and folders via the SDK in your app, or with Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. We’ll use the latter:

When you open Storage Explorer  up, navigate to your account and open your Storage Account and Blob and drag in some files. Word, PDF, Excel, Text etc:

2019-03-11 12_43_26-Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.png

Now we’ll add some Search tools to our Azure account, click the Search Services and add a new service. Make sure the data center you choose here matches your data center used for the Blob storage.

2019-03-11 12_44_45-bahaisearch - Microsoft Azure.png

Once you’ve added an Index to your Search, you are ready to try out the search. Tap the Search Explorer button in your Search Service:

2019-03-11 12_46_11-bahaisearch - Microsoft Azure.png

A simple Azure UI will appear letting you search your documents in Test.

2019-03-11 12_48_07-Search explorer - Microsoft Azure.png

In the next article I’ll show you how to search using the SDK in your own apps.

Use that I created an AngularJS based search tool in a few hours. You can try it here:


2019-03-11 12_49_46-Baha'i Search.png







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