#Xamarin Forms Currency Entry Field

images.jpgI needed a simple Entry field in Xamarin Forms which would work as a currency field. It should show 0.00 when empty, but then clear out automatically once the user tapped it. I ended up using a simple behavior to accomplish it in a very simply way.


Here’s how:

Create a file called CurrencyBehavior.cs in your shared project:

public class CurrencyBehavior : Behavior<Entry>
	    private bool _hasFormattedOnce = false;
	    protected override void OnAttachedTo(Entry entry)
		    entry.TextChanged += OnEntryTextChanged;
			entry.Focused += EntryOnFocused;
			entry.Unfocused += EntryOnUnfocused;
	    private void EntryOnUnfocused(object senderFocusEventArgs e)
		    var entry = sender as Entry;
		    if (entry?.Text.HasValues()==false)
			    entry.Text = "0.00";
	    private void EntryOnFocused(object senderFocusEventArgs e)
		    var entry =  sender as Entry;
		    if (entry?.Text == "0.00")
			    entry.Text = "";
	    protected override void OnDetachingFrom(Entry entry)
		    entry.TextChanged -= OnEntryTextChanged;
		    entry.Focused -= EntryOnFocused;
		    entry.Unfocused -= EntryOnUnfocused;
	    private   void OnEntryTextChanged(object senderTextChangedEventArgs args)
		    if (!_hasFormattedOnce && args.NewTextValue == "0")
			    ((Entrysender).Text = "0.00";
			    _hasFormattedOnce = true;

Now, on your Entry control, add the behavior:

	                   Text="{Binding MyMoneyPropertyInMyViewModel}"
			            <behaviors:CurrencyBehavior />


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