#Angular in #VSCode: Programmatic Router Outlet targeting

Mozilla_Firefox.pngdownload.jpgI wanted to put a component into a named router outlet, but do it from another component based on some database/API value. Here’s how I was able to get it to work relatively easily:

My main component, Customers, has this route setup:

    const routes: Routes = [
        path: "customers",
        component: CustomersComponent,
        children: [
            path: "customerlist",
            component: CustomerListComponent,
            outlet: "detailsOutlet"

and this named router outlet template:

   router-outlet name="detailsOutlet"

In the CustomerComponent I can then load the CustomerList component into the outlet:

    const parentPath = "customers";
    const childPath = "customerlist";
      [parentPath, { outlets: { detailsOutlet: childPath } }],
        skipLocationChange: true

I used 2 const values to show where the string values come from. You’ll notice that the paths there match the route paths above.

I didn’t want the URL to change or the history to get the outlet assignment, so I specified the skipLocationChange.


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