#Xamarin: It’s actually about the money

ca44147d22ccf7fe745b9a59e0054e7c.gifAs developers, we naturally focus on the tech side of tech. Xamarin is a great toolset that allows you to create native, fast apps with a single codebase using the .Net you already know and love.

However, I think the key benefit, the one that gets overlooked in reviews and overviews of the software, is that Xamarin saves your company money. People are expensive so not having to hire an iOS and Android team, and not having to retrain the developers in a language they may not know saves a significant amount of money.

At Maximizer, a long-standing CRM company,  we focus on building great tools, but tools that are affordable as well. The app team which I lead has only 1 group of developers focusing on building a great CRM app. We have one set of Program Managers supporting the single team. There is one build process and one deployment process. No effort is needed to keep the Android and iOS teams in sync as there is only one codebase.

So, glory in the technical wonders of Xamarin, but smile at the money you are saving your company and customers.

I wrote this post after I was surprised as the level of interest in Xamarin and money-saving of one of my recent Twitter posts.

Screenshot 2020-01-21 at 8.27.31 AM.png




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