#VSCode: Adding Windows Explorer Context Menus

1200px-Visual_Studio_Code_1.35_icon.svg.pngIn order to open VSCode in a specific folder, I used to Right Click the folder with SHIFT help down then choose Open PowerShell Window Here, then type code .

2020-03-11 09_05_44-Select Windows PowerShell.png

But, it turns out you can add Open in Visual Studio Code much easier if you choose the option in the Visual Studio Code installer.

If you have VSCode installed or not, just run the installer again. You can get it here.

Select these options:

2020-03-11 09_08_06-Setup - Microsoft Visual Studio Code (User).png

Now, when you right click a folder in Windows Explorer (SHIFT is not needed) you can choose the option:

2020-03-11 09_09_17-.png

Pro tip:

When you hold the SHIFT key down, you’ll get more options:

2020-03-11 09_11_22-.png



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